Hello there!

I'm Libby. I design pretty things that work. Like what you see? Leave a comment or email me if you are interested in availing yourself of my various services.

Hi, I’m Libby.

I’ve been interested in art for just about my whole life.  Besides basketball, drawing floorplans of my dream home and filling up endless notebooks of sketchwork were my main hobbies in junior high.  I thought my destiny was to become an interior designer, working for a big architecture firm and helping to create relaxing, helpful spaces for big expensive buildings.  I attended NDSU with these dreams in mind, and graduated with an interior design degree in 2007.

I got into the field of web and graphic design by way of a part-time job.  I was lucky enough to learn about web standards, coding, and theory under a great mentor.  It was like an apprenticeship.  He taught me everything he knew about web design.  I used my new knowledge of website structure and creative mind together and found that I can create functional, aesthetic web spaces that affect how people feel.  I chose a Venn diagram as my professional logo because my creativity stems from different backgrounds – both technical and artistic.  These unique backgrounds make my designs different.

A bit more

I would say, without a doubt, that my college experience defined who I am as a professional today.  I participated actively in Greek life, was honored by being invited to join Blue Key Honor Society.  I got to take part in many, many fun and philanthropic events and make friends that I still keep today, including my husband Steve.

Although my college experience helped to form my adult-self, it was almost derailed by a catastrophic event – Steve was diagnosed with a life-threatening rare bone cancer in 2005 in our junior year.  He asked me to marry him after the oncologists told him he may not survive.  Our lives were put on hold while he endured chemotherapy, amputation and recovery.   We got married in July 2007 and Steve has been cancer-free since 2009.  Although this story isn’t related to my creative career, it formed the person I am today.  I like to work on things that make me happy, anything else isn’t worth it.